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Common challenges where BitCrew can add great value:


“My backlog is huge and my team cannot handle it."

Many companies need help with the list of features and backlog that needs to be completed.

For example, your business is growing fast, but you need more time to hire or grow your team faster.

BitCrew can provide vetted, high-quality developers who can quickly work as an extension of your existing unit. They can follow your process, or we can manage them for you!


“I built my own app, but I don’t have time to scale."

Entrepreneurs are multi-taskers and talented people.

Creating your app by yourself is a cost-saving strategy to validate your MVP.

However, when you start having users, you won't have time to read books, follow tutorials, and ask a question on Reddit to figure out how to solve your technical issues. BitCrew can help you by providing dedicated developers and fractional CTO to help your fantastic startup journey.


“I have the idea, but I need a team."

Building a company from scratch has many challenges, and finding a trusted partner to develop your web or mobile app can take time.

We have over ten years of experience building apps for many different companies and industries.

Our developers are dependable and constantly applying the latest technology to give you an edge in your business.


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Native mobile app development

Mobile Application developed for Bud Light Living program to engage 19 to 24 years old. The app was a loyalty and gamification platform connecting Bud Light to its target market.

Users would post on social media to gain points. The more points they accumulate, the more perks and free stuff they will get.

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Design, UX/UI, web development, legacy API integration, product and project management

It is a versatile business form builder to automate workflows. For example, BitForm is used in the automotive industry to help dealerships to verify the requirements for certified pre-owned cars.

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Design, UX/UI, web development, legacy API integration, product and project management

Mobile and web applications to disrupt the exotic car industry by offering fractionalized car ownership.



Design, UX/UI, web development, legacy API integration, product and project management

Web platform to help lenders to track loans for borrowers and investors.


  • Dependable developers to help decrease your backlog

  • Fractional CTO services to assist your team in building a fantastic platform and apps

  • Technology Roadmap design and planning to help you estimate costs and develop your dream application

  • Backup development team to help you when you need help the most quickly

  • Diversifying your in-house or outsourced vendors, so your company is not a hostage of situations you are not in control

  • Contingency plan and work to help you navigate unexpected and difficult times from your technology needs



We provide high quality developers at only ¼ of the average cost of similar talents in the US & Canada. We can provide you a team at a fraction of time then if you had to hire.
Finally, you only have to commit resources based on your needs. An FTE is a lifetime commitment. 


Back end

  • Node.js

  • Python

Front end

  • Vue.js

  • React

  • Flutter


  • iOS

  • Android

  • Flutter


  • SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • PosgresSQL

  • MongoDB


  • We love to work with growing companies, no matter if it's a startup or a mature company.

  • We are flexible. We want to partner with accelerators, incubators, angels, and venture capital firms.

  • For agencies that work with B2C brands, we can provide a complete solution to empower your digital needs. No need to have multiple vendors and partners to resolve your most pressing issues.

What Is Software Outsourcing?

Software outsourcing takes place when companies choose to have custom software solutions developed by a third party. Outsourcing software development has many advantages including cost reduction, improved efficiency, mitigated risk, and enhanced security.

In today’s largely digitized business landscape, companies have the ability to access the world’s top software developers. Both established companies and startups alike are using software outsourcing to develop their products.

However, that’s just the beginning. Let’s take a better look at what software outsourcing is and how it can benefit your business.